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Whirlpool Canada Certified Care Extended Service Plan Worry-Free Coverage

You chose your home appliances with care and put a lot of thought into your purchase decision. You chose what works best for you, your family and your lifestyle. We want you to get the most out of your appliance, each and every day. That's why we created our Certified Care Service Plan to protect your appliances if the need for service should arise. Planning for the future care of your new investment is smart. By protecting your investment, you can be assured that, in the years to come, we've got you covered.

A Certified Care Service Plan helps you get the most out of your trusted appliances while providing peace of mind protection on your investment.  Whatever the reason, owning a Certified Care Service Plan saves you money in the event of unexpected and often costly repairs while delivering fast, and efficient service.  There’s never a good time for appliances to break down, but knowing you’re covered will help alleviate any unnecessary stress and burden. When things go wrong, turn to a Certified Care Service Plan to make it right.

Certified Care Service Plan Benefits:

  • We only use fully-trained and certified Whirlpool Canada authorized field service technicians
  • No deductibles or hidden fees
  • Purchase a one, two, or four year Certified Care Plan
  • Bundle up to six appliances, under one plan, from our Whirlpool family of brands
  • Affordable and flexible payment options